23 September 2015

Tim Hortons'‏ bilingual service. Or not.

Hello ...
Thank you for your email inquiry.
Although a fair number of our Québec restaurants do already have bilingual menuboards, the ultimate decision to have both languages represented is left to the discretion of each individual Franchise Owner. This would explain why you may be visiting some locations that only have French menu boards. Having said this, it is our strong recommendation to all the QC restaurants that they do post bilingual menuboards in accordance with the standards being enforced by the "Office de la langue française".
In closing, I will forward your comments that you feel we should follow Second Cup's lead and make it a mandatory policy in all our QC restaurants. Unfortunately, we would not be able to confirm whether this policy will ever be adopted.

Have a great day!
The TDL Group Corp.
Guest Services Representative
Toll Free: 1-888-601-1616

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